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Ohio SLB explains on ‘The Union Edge: Labor’s Talk Radio’ why Right-to-Work is Wrong

Stuart Gardner, SMART TD Ohio State Legislative Director

Ralph Leichliter, SMART TD Ohio Assistant State Legislative Director

The SMART TD Ohio State Legislative Board’s Director Stuart Gardner and Assistant Director Ralph Leichliter went on The Union Edge: Labor’s Talk Radio to explain to listeners why Right-to-Work is Wrong not just for Ohioans, but for all working families.

Click here to listen to a podcast of the interview.

If you live in Ohio, click here for the Ohio State Legislative Board’s website.

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Colo. Senate kills Right-to-Work (FOR LESS) bill

DENVER, Colo. – On Wednesday, March 16, the Colorado State Senate shot down SB 55 that called for Colorado to become a Right-to-Work (for less) state. The packed chambers included union members from all crafts. Click here to read the entire article from the Denver Business Journal. 

Click here to send a quick message to your Congressional reps in opposition of the National Right-to-Work Act, HR 785.




Study shows the decline of unions causing rise in economic inequality in Midwest

SMART TD  is sharing a recent study released by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which highlights the economic impact of declining unionization over the past decades across states in the Midwest.

The study found that as unionization declines, wealth inequality between workers and businesses continues to widen particularly in states that have passed so-called “right-to-work” laws (i.e. Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.).

The real goal of “Right-to-Work” is to lower wages for workers and divert that money to the owners and upper management of the company.

Click HERE for more information about the study.

Strength in numbers is what sustains our union and is the only thing that can turn the tide.

Your voice matters, so please take a minute to send a message to your representatives in Congress.

Click here to send your message in opposition of HR 785, the National Right to Work (FOR LESS) act; and in support of HR 233, The Safe Freight Act, that calls for two-person crews on all freight trains.




Right to Work is WRONG – meetings in Toledo and Cincy, Ohio

Right to Work (RTW) legislative measures, designed to weaken unions, are supported by Trump and his administration, so it is imperative that we make our opposition known and heard.
SMART Transportation Division will be hosting a free event for all union members of all crafts, and for the public, to discuss how RTW was designed to weaken unions, decrease pay and decrease benefits.

Toledo, Ohio Meeting:
Date & time:
Saturday, March 18 at 10:30 a.m.
Sheet Metal Workers Local 33; 27430 Crossroads Pkwy. Rossford, OH 43460
Refreshments will be served
Click here to download Toledo Meeting Flyer to pass out to members, friends and family.

Cincinnati, Ohio Meeting:
Date & time: Saturday, April 8 at 11:00 a.m.
Location: Sheet Metal Workers Local 24; 1579 Summit Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237
Coffee & donuts will be served
Click here to download Cincinnati meeting flyer to pass out to members, friends and family.

Take two minutes and TAKE ACTION against Right-to-Work measures:

Click here to send a message to Ohio legislators against HB 113

Click here to send a message to U.S. Congress against HR 785