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Members: update your address prior to local elections

SMART Transportation Division members are reminded to keep their local secretary and treasurer advised of their current home address. In view of the upcoming local officer elections and the requirement to mail ballot materials to eligible voters, members can update their address by contacting their local secretary, or by following this link:

Local officer elections include president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, and a board of trustees consisting of three (3) members. In addition, any existing vacancies should also be addressed during these elections.

As per the SMART Constitution’s Article 21B, Section 57, nomination meetings are to be held in October, with election tabulations conducted in November. Those elected will assume their offices on January 1, 2018. If they are filling a vacancy, however, they take office immediately.

For more detailed information regarding local officer elections, contact the Transportation Division office at (216) 228-9400 or visit the following link: