Standard Basic Daily and Mileage Rates of Pay

Published: May 17, 2011

Effective July 1, 2000

Locomotive Engineers (Motormen) — Passenger Service

Locomotive Engineers (Motormen) — Through Freight Service

Locomotive Engineers (Motormen) — Yard Service

Locomotive Firemen (Helpers) — Passenger Service

Locomotive Firemen (Helpers) — Through Freight Service

Locomotive Firemen on Short Local Freight Service on Runs of 100 Miles or Less Which Are Therefore Paid on a Daily Basis Without a Mileage Component

Locomotive Firemen (Helpers) — Yard Service, and Hostler and Hostler Helpers

Conductors and Trainmen — Passenger and Through Freight Service

Conductors and Trainmen — Local Freight Service and Yard Service

Freight Conductors and Trainmen Without a Mileage Component in Their Assignments

Yard Conductor (Foreman) Rates

Yard Brakeman (Helper) Rates

Switchtender Rates