SMOHIT HELPLINE, SMART MAP: Support 24/7/365 FOR Canada AND U.S. Members

Published: December 6, 2018

By now you’ve seen the stickers on flyers and hardhats and in SMOHIT tweets and FB posts. I know because I am getting calls about assistance as well as calls asking what exactly a person can call about.

I’m talking about the SMOHIT helpline. I’m the trained counselor who responds to those calls.

So what exactly happens when you call 877-884-6227, and what sort of things does it cover?

The short answer is this: just about anything that gets in the way of you being your best self.

Below are some issues—not all, since problems can be unique to each person. But I hope it helps you decide whether or not to reach out.

Making that first call

For each call, I primarily will do a phone assessment to see if I can help right in that call, or that you need a referral to someone in your area who you can meet face to face.

Sometimes people just don’t know where to turn, and I may be able to help. When appropriate, I can arrange phone sessions, over time, to help someone through a crisis. Healing takes time, and I am available through that.

Remember, these may not be the only issues, but if you are hurting, suffering, please give it a try and make that first call.

  • Grief, trauma and loss
  • Alcohol and other drug issues
  • Depression, suicidal ideas PTSD
  • Anxiety, fears
  • Family issues: relationship with spouse/partner or others; parenting; aging parents/caregiving fatigue
  • Work Issues: coping with difficult people/bosses; work stress; deciding when to retire
  • Stress related to debt

Dovetails with SMART MAP

The Helpline began in 2017 to respond after the hurricanes, fires, floods and mass shootings that year. SMOHIT expanded its scope to all members and their families in the U.S. and Canada, because anyone in the SMART family might need help with those difficult problems of life.

SMART MAP trains peers to provide information, including sources of treatment. for drug and alcohol abuse and related symptoms. I have had the good fortune to attend some SMART MAP meetings and know that my work dovetails nicely with what the peers are doing.

Together, MAP and the Helpline have you covered. SMART MAP peers are on the ground in the Locals—trained members who are looking out to help those in need—and I am here via the Helpline to fill in any gaps. I also consult with MAP peers when they need some of my expertise.

Remember, no problem is too big or small, so give me a call any time. I’m Daria, at 877-884-6227, 24/7/365.