Furloughed TD workers: Contact SMjobs@smart-union.org for commercial roofing opportunities

Published: November 25, 2019

With carriers cutting positions and furloughing members, your union wants to alert displaced Transportation Division workers to SMART Union commercial roofing opportunities available through the Sheet Metal side of our union. This program is attempting to attract workers who are able to fill positions in the Ohio Valley region, including in Kentucky and West Virginia, as well as in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area.

If you send an email to SMjobs@smart-union.org, your union can begin a process that can link workers with the appropriate skills with potential jobs in the building trades. Please include all your contact information along with what level of skills you may have in the construction or fabrication fields. We will then set up phone interviews to evaluate your skill levels and readiness to work.

A commercial roofer builds or lays insulation and vapor retarders to built-up or flat-deck roofs, covering roof frames with unitized materials such as tile, slate, composite, wood, shakes and shingles and metal shingles; applies roof deck waterproofing with modern plastic and rubberized coating materials and performs damp and waterproofing of floors, foundations and below-grade pipes and tanks with such materials as pitch, tar, asphalt, plastic, bitumen and rubberized materials in any building other than residential premises.

“They are going to be labor positions,” says Mark Curtis, SMART international representative for roofing and architectural metals. “Lots of packing of materials involved in roofing. If it is a reroof, it can be dirty work to tear off the existing work, but again mostly labor.

“Application of product requires some measuring and cutting of insulation or cover boards. Anyone who isn’t afraid of a little hard work and doesn’t mind being out in the weather can do it.”

Some skills needed are:

  • Balance: Roofers work on roofs, which might have very steep pitches. Balance is crucial to the job and a roofer’s safety.
  • Strength: Roofers need to be able to carry heavy materials, like bundles of shingles, up ladders and onto roofs.
  • Stamina: Roofers spend most of their day on their feet outside, sometimes during intense heat or cold.
  • No Fear of Heights: Roofs can be very high. Roofers need to be steady and unafraid of being in high places.

After we receive your initial email to SMjobs@smart-union.org, you’ll be contacted by SMART-TD, and we’ll identify what would be the next steps in the process.

If you are furloughed – YOUR UNION is here to help!