Mo. SLB releases list of endorsed candidates

July 23, 2014

missouri_map SMART Transportation Division’s Missouri State Legislative Board has released the names of candidates that it is endorsing for the 2014 midterm elections. The state of Missouri is holding primary elections Tuesday, Aug. 5.

For a list showing all candidates and the board’s recommendations, click here. Candidates that are marked as “no” on the list have repeatedly voted against labor in the past and have shown that they do not support the goals of the Missouri State Legislative Board. Candidates on which the board expresses no opinion are listed as “open.”

The board asks that all members from Missouri vote their paycheck by voting for the endorsed candidates.

If you are unsure of the voting district in which you reside, click here.

Candidates being endorsed by the Missouri State Legislative Board are as follows:

Lacy ClayU.S. Representative1
Nate IrvinU.S. Representative4
Emanuel Cleaver IIU.S. Representative


Joe KeavenyState Senator4
Maria Chappelle-Nadal State Senator14
Jill SchuppState Senator24
Robert StuberState Senator34
Mike WaltemathState Representative 2
Nate WalkerState Representative3
Robert HarringtonState Representative6
Jim NeeleyState Representative8
Pat ConwayState Representative10
Galen Hidgon Jr.State Representative11
Sandy Van WagnerState Representative12
Jon Carpenter State Representative 15 
Mark Ellebracht State Representative 17 
Kevin Garner State Representative 18 
John Rizzo State Representative 19 
John Mayfield State Representative 20 
Ira Anders State Representative 21 
Brandon Ellington State Representative 22 
Randy DunnState Representative 23 
Judy Morgan State Representative 24 
Jeremy LaFaver State Representative 25 
Gail Beatty State Representative 26 
Bonnaye MimsState Representative27
Tom McDonaldState Representative28
Noel TorpeyState Representative29
Sheila SolonState Representative31
Jeanie LauerState Representative32
Donna PfautschState Representative33
Kenneth DuvallState Representative35
Kevin McManusState Representative36
Joe RunionsState Representative37
Dan DildineState Representative41
Bart KormanState Representative42
Ed LockwoodState Representative43
Kip KendrickState Representative45
Stephen WebberState Representative46
John WrightState Representative47
Gracia BackerState Representative49
Gary GrigsbyState Representative51
Henry GrubbState Representative53
Patty JohnsonState Representative56
William GrimesState Representative57
Tom SmithState Representative61
Anne ZerrState Representative65
Tommie PiersonState Representative66
Sylvester Taylor IIState Representative67
Keith EnglishState Representative68
Margo McNeilState Representative69
Bill OttoState Representative70
Sue MeredithState Representative71
Mary NicholsState Representative72
Courtney CurtisState Representative73
Sharon PaceState Representative74
Rochelle Walton GrayState Representative75
Joshua PetersState Representative76
Kimberly GardnerState Representative77
Penny HubbardState Representative78
Michael ButlerState Representative79
Mike ColonaState Representative80
Jacob HummelState Representative81
chele Kratky
State Representative82
Gina MittenState Representative83
Karla MayState Representative84
Clem SmithState Representative85
Joe AdamsState Representative86
Stacey NewmanState Representative87
Tracy McCreeryState Representative88
Deb LavenderState Representative90
Jeanne KirktonState Representative91
Genise MontecilloState Representative92
Bob BurnsState Representative93
Vicki Lorenz EnglundState Representative94
John McCahertyState Representative97
John CallahanState Representative102
Michael SwyersState Representative102
Kyle SchlerethState Representative103
Kathie ConwayState Representative104
Matt JudkinsState Representative105
Chrissy SommerState Representative106
Ron HicksState Representative107
Bobbie BollmannState Representative109
Michael FrameState Representative111
Robert ButlerState Representative112
T.J. McKennaState Representative114
Elaine GannonState Representative115
Kevin EnglerState Representative116
Linda BlackState Representative117
Ben HarrisState Representative118
Dave HinsonState Representative119
Ethan NewmanState Representative125
Charlie NorrState Representative132
Angie FilbeckState Representative135
Don PhillipsState Representative138
Paul FitzwaterState Representative144
Charles ElrodState Representative145
Duston StoneState Representative148
Diedra FreemanState Representative149
Walter DearingState Representative149
Ryan HolderState Representative151
Hugh ShieldsState Representative161