March 2021 Loop

Sign Up for SMART’s Women in Construction Week Events, Share With Members  This is a weeklong virtual event to celebrate the Women of SMART the week of March 7-13.

Click here for a schedule of events. Details for each event are included. All SMART SM and TD members welcome.

In conjunction with Women In Construction Week, we will be holding a photo contest for SMART women with pictures of them on the job, a kickoff event on Sunday, a family artwork contest with prizes based on age groups, job and life skill workshops such as fitness/stretching and meal building, a trivia night contest and a team building happy hour to be held on Saturday March 13th.

We will announce the winners of our contests, get to know each other with fun team building exercises, and provide updates on how to stay involved.

There will also be an opportunity to participate in #SMARTWomenRocks. SMART women can connect with each other and trade a painted rock with an empowering message. Once you receive your rock, post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #SMARTWOMENROCKS.

Signing up will ensure you will be notified of all events and opportunities, but you’ll want to register separately for the SMART Women’s Happy Hour as space is limited.

Register for the SMART Women’s Happy Hour here  

This year’s Women In Construction Week will also feature Tools and Tiara’s, the conference charity. Tools and Tiara’s is a non-profit organization which gives young women as early as grade school a chance at learning about the careers they can engage in within the trades. Click here to view a promotional videoDonations can be made here.

February 2021 Monthly GP Video In this video, SMART General President Joseph Sellers talks about the progress made for working families and SMART members during the first few weeks of the new Biden Administration.

SMART Locals Deliver Bottled Water, Supplies To Texas As Texas’ power grid collapsed during frigid temperatures, causing some households to also lose access to clean water due to interrupted supplies or burst pipes, SMART Local Unions such as 265, 20, 73, 219 and 214 among others rushed supplies to staging areas at Local Union sites across Texas.

Ninth Circuit Rules In Favor of Labor In Major Two Person Federal Case Rail Unions achieved a favorable decision in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday regarding an attempt by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to preempt legislation passed by a number of states that established a minimum of two-person operating crews on freight trains.

Talking-SMART Podcast: What to Expect from Biden Administration This episode features two of SMART’s national legislative leaders, Steve Dodd and Greg Hynes, to talk about the assault on the capital and what to expect after the January 20 inauguration. Also featured are SMART’s legislative priorities in 2021, SMART’s election mobilization efforts, and what the Biden/Harris administration is likely to do to help working families and make union organizing easier.

GEC Actions At the 2009 General Convention, a Resolution was passed to publish the actions of the General Executive Council following the approval of the minutes. The GEC met in Florida January 8th-10th, 2020, and by teleconference on June 11th, 2020 and November 9th -10th, 2019, and the minutes of those meetings were approved by the GEC. In addition, the GEC took actions by mail ballot throughout the year, which are listed at the end of the meeting motions.

February 2021 Issue of Partners In Progress

Winter Focus On Funds  

BYD Apprenticeship Program BYD (Build Your Dreams), SMART Local 105, and Antelope Valley College announced the creation of a manufacturing apprenticeship program, providing crucial job training, especially to underserved populations.

Harassment In the Trades USA Today Profile On Vanessa Carman and Women’s Experiences In the Trades

Canadian Building Trades Statement on Funding for Transit The Government of Canada announced new public transit investments that will flow directly to municipalities. This is a direct result of the advocacy work of Canada’s Building Trades Unions who have been actively engaging the federal government to declutter the infrastructure approval process. By flowing money directly to municipalities across Canada, the money flows quicker, gets shovels in the ground and gets our members to work, faster. Investments like this create opportunities for skilled trades workers and apprentices to continue to build much needed infrastructure. These jobs pay a family-supporting wage and allow skilled trades workers to invest back into their own communities. Canada’s Building Trades Unions will continue to advocate directly with the federal government to ensure further investments in infrastructure are included in the government’s upcoming budget.

SMART Promotional Background A downloadable background that can be used for Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls.