May 2021 Issue of the Loop

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep leaders informed of news and events of importance to SMART leaders at every level of the organization. Below are items included in this month’s version of the Loop. Please respond with any news items or suggestions for future editions of the Loop.

Spring 2021 SMART Members’ Journal This new issue of the Journal features a Special Focus on the pro-labor accomplishments of the Biden-Harris Administration’s 1st 100 Days. Please use this issue as a reference for future discussions in support of member mobilization efforts along with featured videos and content below.

Talking SMART: A Look Back at the First 100 Days of the New Administration This episode of Talking-SMART features a conversation with two of SMART’s national legislative leaders, Steve Dodd and Greg Hynes, who look back at the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration and its focus on working family and Union issues. They also look ahead to future legislation affecting SMART members.  The episode ends with an Open Mic segment with General President Joseph Sellers who answers a question about the effect of the American Rescue Plan on multiemployer pension funds.

In addition, SMART released a video, with a detailed timeline of events during the 1st 100 days (Youtube) specifically on its impact on SMART members and the labor movement. Videos featuring a Michigan Amtrak conductor who returned to work thanks to the American Rescue Act (View on Youtube) and a sheet metal journeyperson discussing IAQ and the American Rescue Act (Youtube link) were also featured.

Talking-SMART: IAQ and Reopening Schools and Workplaces  This episode features an interview with David Bernett, NEMIC Administrator.  With three COVID-19 vaccines now being distributed in North America and around the globe, attention is increasingly turning to how we can safely re-open schools, offices and public spaces across the country. Airborne transmission of COVID-19 in enclosed spaces is a major cause of spread of the virus. As new variants emerge at the same time states and provinces are starting to loosen coronavirus restrictions, indoor air quality is a top concern.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the NEMIC team has been working with subject matter experts, researchers and policymakers to develop protocols and procedures for ventilation verification and repairs of HVAC systems to ensure people may safely re-enter classrooms and buildings across the United states and Canada.

In addition, listen for the open mic segment with General President Joseph Sellers at the end of this episode. He responds to a question from a SMART member about why it seems so hard to take care of the men and women who have served in our militaries.

SMART-SMACNA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement In recognition that working together on diversity, equity, and inclusion within our industry would be the most effective way to effect real and lasting change, SMART and SMACNA have engaged in ongoing discussions about recruiting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce with the skills to meet our needs now and in the future.

Rebuild America’s Infrastructure   Infrastructure is not just roads and bridges, but also in expanding our nation’s power generating capacity, upgraded railroads, new public buildings and a full retrofit of HVAC systems in our nation’s schools and facilities Americans work, shop and live in.

Now is the time to take action to build a modern day American economy. Click the story link to send a letter to your members of congress.

April 2021 Issue of Partners In Progress This issue of the Partners In Progress Magazine takes a look at the progress women in made in the sheet metal industry along with in depth coverage of the SMART-SMACNA Diversity Statement.

May 2021 SMART Sheet Metal Directory This version of the directory, in a new format, reflects changes as of May 10, 2021 and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Big Updates In New Version of the SMART App Packed with enhanced and new features, the SMART app is now, more than ever, an essential resource for members to stay up to speed with important information and another way that your union is putting technology to work for you.

These new improvements include:

  • A new electronic membership card accessible to TD members.
  • Easy access to current membership information, including your union membership status, where your local meeting is, and info about benefit enrollment.
  • A page dedicated to your Local with up-to-the-minute info and access to Local leadership’s contact info at your service.
  • A direct messaging feature that Local union leadership, which you can use to get in touch with your Union quickly with what you need to know via push notifications and alerts.
  • Quick links to the TD Safety Condition Report, SMART Journal and the TD News.
  • Full access to info so you can take advantage of the benefits your union provides such as the SMART Membership Assistance Program.
  • The upgraded SMART app is available for download by following this link.

Former Trump Admin Official Advocates for Women In Construction A pioneer in the construction industry, she led the construction of Trump Tower when she was 31 years old, becoming the first woman to oversee a major New York City construction site. In this article, Barbara Res talks to Construction Dive about her experiences and what construction employers can do to attract and retain more women workers.

Women In Construction Week Contest Results The entrants and winners of the Family Artwork Contest and On the Job Photo Contests represent a broad range of local across North America. Included are a Flickr gallery of all nominees as well as articles listing winners from each respective category. Thank you to all members that participated!