Locals should prepare for officer elections

election_checkboxUnder the provisions of Article Twenty-One B (21B), Section 57, of the SMART Constitution, elections of Local Legislative Representatives and Alternate Legislative Representatives will be held by all Transportation Division Locals in November 2015. Permanent vacancies that exist in any other elective positions also should be filled during this election.

The election of Transportation Division delegates and alternate delegates will not be held again until 2018.

For your guidance, “Special Circular No. 31 – August 2015? and “How to Hold Elections for Legislative Representatives and Alternate Legislative Representatives,” which includes a sample ballot, have been posted on this website. (Ballots should be obtained from an outside source, such as a union printer, instead of using a computer or copying machine to make ballots. The printing company should be asked to provide an official count of the number of ballots printed.) Also depicted in the accompanying flyer is a sample postcard labeled “SPECIAL NOTICE,” to be used to give notice of the call for nominations and notice of the election. The flyer also includes the voting instructions supplied to members in mail referendums. For those Locals that will conduct a mail referendum, samples of the three envelopes required in elections also are depicted in the flyer.  

The envelopes needed to conduct an election, as well as the “SPECIAL NOTICE” nomination/election postcards and pads of pre-printed voting instructions, may be purchased from the SMART Transportation Division Supply Department. You may use the regular “Order for Supplies” form to order these items. The envelopes supplied by the SMART Transportation Division Supply Department are blank. Addresses will need to be printed directly on the envelopes, or address labels may be used. (NOTE: As per the voting instructions, members must place their names and addresses in the upper-left-hand corner of the ballot-return envelope they receive. The illustration of this envelope shows lines printed in this area for this purpose. Such lines are not necessary, and their omission will not invalidate the election, but the voting instructions prescribed by Article Twenty-One B [21B], Section 57, of the SMART Constitution MUST accompany the ballot material sent to members.)

View ”Special Circular No. 31 – August 2015? here.

View “How to Hold Elections for Legislative Representatives and Alternate Legislative Representatives” here.

View Department of Labor publication on conducting local elections here.

View “Order of Supplies form” here

Additional resources for conducting elections can be found here.