General President Nigro to Retire April 30; GEC Votes GST Joseph Sellers Into Job 

March 27, 2015

GP Nigro addresses the First SMART General Convention

Joseph J. Nigro is retiring as General President of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation Workers (SMART), effective April 30.  He is stepping down in order to fully focus on recovering from a series of recent surgeries.
The SMART General Executive Council on March 12 unanimously voted to name General Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Sellers, Jr. to fill the position of General President and Chief of Staff Richard McClees to fill the position of General Secretary-Treasurer.
Nigro, a career sheet metal worker from Local Union 17 in Boston, served as General President since July, 2011. In a letter to union leaders across the U.S. and Canada, he explained that, “I have committed my heart and mind to accomplishing the goals we have set, but my health has taken me in a direction I did not anticipate. Unfortunately, I have been unable to recover to a level I expect of myself as your General President—the level of effort the members deserve.”
Noting the succession plan put in place during his tenure, Nigro added, “Joseph Sellers, Jr. and Richard McClees possess the leadership and management skills that will benefit the union for generations to come. I leave with a great deal of confidence, ready to improve my health and enjoy my family and friends for many more years.”
“I am grateful to our members for the steadfast support they have given me in merging our two great organizations,” Nigro said. “I have every confidence we have collectively built a team of International and Local Union leaders who can get the job done for the membership.”