GangBox 2.0 Sign Up

To gain access as an authorized user of SMART’s GangBox 2.0 via Microsoft Sharepoint Online, you must request access via email to Paul Pimentel at Once you have received your invitation follow the instructions below to gain access to GangBox.

Step One: Confirm whether or not you have a Microsoft Account such as Outlook, Hotmail, SkyDrive or even Xbox Live. This also works if your email account ends in If you do not have a Microsoft Account go to to create an account. Once there follow the instructions provided by Microsoft (you are able to link any current email address to a Microsoft Account). If you already have a Microsoft account such as any of the above, or have created a new Microsoft Account via the instructions above, you can proceed to Step Two.

Step Two: Navigate to

Step Three: Click the “Sign in with a Microsoft Account” link on the bottom right hand of the screen under, “Don’t have a user ID assigned by your organization?

Step Four: Once the “Windows Live Sign In” page opens, enter your new credentials (username and password of your Microsoft Account) on the right hand side of the screen and click the blue “Sign in” button. You will then be logged in to Gang Box 2.0 and will access to all of its features.

Please bookmark this page for quick access to GangBox

Please contact Paul Pimentel at with any questions, concerns or suggestions for new material.