Basic Company Information for Publicly Owned Firms

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Since 1934, the SEC has required disclosure in forms and documents. In 1984, EDGAR began collecting electronic documents to help investors get information. The SEC’s new system requires data disclosure — the next step to improve how investors find and use information. You can search information collected by the SEC several ways: Company or fund name, ticker symbol, CIK (Central Index Key), file number, state, country, or SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Most recent filings Full text (past four years) Boolean and advanced searching, including addresses Key mutual fund disclosures Mutual fund voting recordsMutual fund name, ticker, or SEC key (since Feb. 2006) Variable insurance products (since Feb. 2006) Guide to Searching Publicly Trades Companies To use EDGAR most effectively, you should know which categories of information appear in which SEC filings and which search methods will work best. You also should understand the system’s limitations. In this guide, you’ll find tips for using EDGAR and answers to frequently asked questions about researching public companies. Free Annual Reports  The Public Register provides free annual reports of public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC and TSX exchanges. We aim to provide a quality service that fulfills annual report orders in a timely manner. Orders are processed and mailed within one business day. SEDAR Canadian public company filings. Visual Understanding Environment  (VUE)   The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is an Open Source project based at Tufts University. The VUE project is focused on creating flexible tools for managing and integrating digital resources in support of teaching, learning and research. VUE provides a flexible visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information. Reynolds Center for Business Journalism  The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism, which offers free trainings for business journalists, makes much of their training material available online, e.g., helpful info on SEC filings Open Corporates