$20K Student Loan Giveaway From UnionPlus

August 5, 2014

union plus Union membership provides a way for working families to increase their opportunities and economic security. That’s why Union Plus is committed to helping union members and their families fund their college education. Now there are new programs to help you pay down your student loan debt.
$500 Student Debt Eraser
Grants to help Mortgage and Insurance participants pay off their student loans. Apply Now! Grants are only available for as long as funds last.
$20K Student Loan Giveaway
June 1 to August 15 – enter to win up to $10,000 to pay off your student loans. We’ll put a major dent in the student loan debt of three lucky winners. Plus, more prizes, such as courses, consultations and books provided by The Princeton Review.
For details visit UnionPlus.org/Education today!